October 22, 2014 admin

Learning to Ride Wheel-It

Electric unicycles really do make life more convenient. Finding a car park, walking or running in the hot sun to get to a destination and putting up with urban commuting- can add extra stress to busy, modern lifestyles.

The planet is changing and going green is simply no longer an option… it is a necessity.

The training wheels are rust proof and are easily attached with just a simple screwdriver and two screws. The added comfort the learning band provides is a sense of upper body stability, something to hold on to while you’re learning.

Like learning anything, we suggest that you do your homework. Watch the video above and see. However, the time will come for you to try it yourself.

Take your time. Everyone learns at different rates. Take a friend or family member with you when you are learning. Just having someone to be there to cheer you on is important.

We believe that anyone with a good level of physical fitness can ride our electric unicycles. You just need to be aware of traffic and pedestrian rules and courtesy. And remember to take your time when you are first learning. Start in quiet areas and gradually build up to using your electric unicycle to save time in more crowded urban areas.

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