September 15, 2014 admin

Introducing Wheel-It

Being the size of a briefcase, Wheel-It is light and easy to carry… making for easy storage anywhere.

Fully rechargable, taking approximately 4 hours and costing only a few cents… Better than paying for parking, petrol, expensive public transportation and taxi fares.

Wheel-It’s the smallest, greenest form of personal motorized transport in the world.

Perfect for urban lifestyles which often involve walking in difficult weather conditions and clothing to meetings and university lectures… No more arriving hot and sweat-soaked. Easy to maneuver around crowds and traffic with Wheel-Its intutive technology that adjusts angles, balancing and speed to suit your needs.

The Wheel-It battery powered electric unicycle can easily be taken on buses, trains, elevators, ferries and aircraft… Carry them wherever you need to go. The Wheel-It Unicycle has been made for Australia.

Wheel-It’s state of the art technology easily lasts for up to 40 km, depending on load and terrain, has a cruising speed of 10 km/h, a top speed of 16 km/ h and the ability to climb 15 degree inclines.

Truly green in both purpose and design… Wheel-It’s boast regenerative charging as with Hybrid cars. When you coast down-hill you will extend your battery time, reducing your carbon footprint.

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