Learning to Ride Wheel-It

Electric unicycles really do make life more convenient. Finding a car park, walking or running in the hot sun to get to a destination and putting up with urban commuting- can add extra stress to busy, modern lifestyles.

The planet is changing and going green is simply no longer an option… it is a necessity.

The training wheels are rust proof and are easily attached with just a simple screwdriver and two screws. The added comfort the learning band provides is a sense of upper body stability, something to hold on to while you’re learning.

Like learning anything, we suggest that you do your homework. Watch the video above and see. However, the time will come for you to try it yourself.

Take your time. Everyone learns at different rates. Take a friend or family member with you when you are learning. Just having someone to be there to cheer you on is important.

We believe that anyone with a good level of physical fitness can ride our electric unicycles. You just need to be aware of traffic and pedestrian rules and courtesy. And remember to take your time when you are first learning. Start in quiet areas and gradually build up to using your electric unicycle to save time in more crowded urban areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Wheel-It?

Wheel-It is a self balancing unicycle. It has special technology to make you feel like you’re hovering on air with ease, control and intuitive maneuverability.

What can I use it for?

Wheel-It to work, school and University. Wheel-it to bring home fresh croissants and the Sunday papers… Wheel-It for a fresh air ride in the park… and Wheel-It to the cafe for an alfresco coffee.

How can I balance without handle bars?

Because of gyro-stabilising technology, Wheel-It battery powered electric unicycles are surprisingly easy to use. Even older members of our Wheel-It team were proficient in less than 30 minutes.

How does it work?

The Wheel-It is battery powered. The maximum speed of the Wheel-It is 16 km per hour. The Wheel-It WILL NOT speed up unless you tilt your body forward. If you are not balancing properly, or the battery is running low your Wheel-It will warn you with a small shaking sensation accompanied by a flashing battery light.

Going around corners is simply another practice of slightly tilting your body. Wheel-It helps you maintain control and senses your body movements to make adjustments.

Wheel-It CEO Interview

The CEO of Wheel-It, Ian Balmer, explains more the Wheel-It and why it is taking off in Australia.

The Wheel-It team is committed to providing green transportation solutions for all Australians.

Wheel-It Testimonial – Rafael

One of our happy customers, Rafael, gives a testimonial about his Wheel-It unicycle and how much it has improved his day-to-day life.

Wheel-It is the number 1 supplier of electric unicycles in Australia. We have a passion for safe, green transportation.

Introducing Wheel-It

Being the size of a briefcase, Wheel-It is light and easy to carry… making for easy storage anywhere.

Fully rechargable, taking approximately 4 hours and costing only a few cents… Better than paying for parking, petrol, expensive public transportation and taxi fares.

Wheel-It’s the smallest, greenest form of personal motorized transport in the world.

Perfect for urban lifestyles which often involve walking in difficult weather conditions and clothing to meetings and university lectures… No more arriving hot and sweat-soaked. Easy to maneuver around crowds and traffic with Wheel-Its intutive technology that adjusts angles, balancing and speed to suit your needs.

The Wheel-It battery powered electric unicycle can easily be taken on buses, trains, elevators, ferries and aircraft… Carry them wherever you need to go. The Wheel-It Unicycle has been made for Australia.

Wheel-It’s state of the art technology easily lasts for up to 40 km, depending on load and terrain, has a cruising speed of 10 km/h, a top speed of 16 km/ h and the ability to climb 15 degree inclines.

Truly green in both purpose and design… Wheel-It’s boast regenerative charging as with Hybrid cars. When you coast down-hill you will extend your battery time, reducing your carbon footprint.

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