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About Wheel-It

Wheel-It is a new, efficient mode of transporation for convenience and fun. Being the size of a briefcase, Wheel-It is light and easy to carry... making for easy storage anywhere.

Practical Transport

Wheel-It is a great option for everyday transport. At 4c per charge, it beats paying for parking, petrol, expensive public transportation and taxi fares.

Impressive Power

Wheel-It can go up to 16 km/h. It has a cruising speed of 10km/h and the ability to climb 15 degree inclines. Best of all it can go 40 km between charges.


It’s easy to maneuver around crowds and traffic with Wheel-It’s intuitive, gyro-stabilisation technology that adjusts angles, balancing and speed to suit your needs.

Regenerative Charging

Wheel-It’s boast regenerative charging as you may have seen on Hybrid cars. When you coast down-hill you will extend your battery time, reducing your carbon footprint further.

Completely Portable

Being the size of a briefcase and weighing only 12kg, Wheel-It is compact, light and easy to carry… allowing for easy storage anywhere.


Costing only 4c for a complete charge and with a 40 km range, Wheel-It is one of the most economical forms of transport on the planet.

The feeling you get while riding a Wheel-It is hard to describe. It’s the closest thing to riding a hoverboard!

Wheel-It Enthusiast, Mark


The Wheel-It is the original electric unicycle. It offers:


Km/h Top Speed


Km Total Range


Kg Unit Weight


Kg Maximum Load


Watt Lithium-Ion Battery


Watt Max Power Output

Only genuine Wheel-It’s are designed and engineered for Australian conditions with aircraft-grade alumninium and polycarbonate components.

Don’t settle for a cheap copy! No other electric wheel product is as powerful and no other product is as stable as the genuine Wheel-It.

It’s amazing, heaps of fun, much faster than running. It’s great to take to the beach, shopping or just to cruise around.

Wheel-It Owner, Rafael

Quality and Service Standards

Your purchase of a genuine Wheel-It comes with:

An Exclusive Warranty

Your purchase of a genuine Wheel-It is supported by Wheel-It Pty Ltd’s 6 month Australia wide parts and labour warranty, together with all applicable statutory warranties, nationally.

Support Is Available

Our support team regularly uploads videos and we offer timely advice regarding training, parts and accessories.

We're Based in Australia

Our local, Australian team, offers fast response and $30 shipping to any capital city in Australia and most orders are dispatched within 24 hours.

We DO NOT support warranty, parts or service on products other than the genuine Wheel-It. Although other products may copy our design, we cannot support or repair those products, due to them having smaller motors, incompatible, smaller batteries, lower range, lower carrying capacity, poor build quality and incompatible casings.

Be safe and have fun saving time, money… and helping the Earth stay GREEN for future generations to enjoy. Wheel-It!

Wheel-It CEO, Ian Balmer

What’s Included?

With your purchase you will receive:

    Delivery is only $30.00 to all Australian capital cities by Fastway Couriers and an exclusive, Australia-wide, 6-month Warranty.

    The Wheel-It costs only


    when you order securely through our website.

    Your Genuine Wheel-It

    Your genuine Wheel-It is designed and engineered to the highest specifications with a 950 Watt motor, longer life battery, aircraft-grade alumninium and polycarbonate components.

    A Set of Training Wheels

    Although it is quite easy to learn and most people are riding unassisted within 1 hour, it’s good to start out with a set of training wheels and they come included.

    A Training Band/Strap

    The training band will help you get comfortable on the Wheel-It. Initially you may feel that you need something to hold on to, but you will quickly get used to riding your Wheel-It hands free.

    The Complete Instruction Manual

    The Wheel-It is a truly new concept and it’s important to learn how and where to use it safely. The manual will also give you learning, riding, charging, maintenance, safety and warranty instructions.

    $30 Delivery to Capital Cities

    Your Wheel-It will be dispatched, usually within 24 hours after payment with $30 delivery to any capital city in Australia.

    6 Month Australia-wide Warranty

    Your Wheel-It is supported by Wheel-It Pty Ltd’s 6 month Australia wide parts and labour warranty, together with all applicable statutory warranties, nationally.


    Buy your Wheel-It securely through your PayPal, bank account or via credit card.

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One of my friends told me about Wheel-It as an alternative to parking and I have saved hundreds of dollars in parking fees already! On top of this, it makes getting to work a lot of fun!

Wheel-It Owner, Kate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​What is Wheel-It?

Wheel-It is a self balancing unicycle. It has special technology to make you feel like you’re hovering on air with ease, control and intuitive maneuverability.

What can I use it for?

Wheel-It to work, school and University. Wheel-it to bring home fresh croissants and the Sunday papers… Wheel-It for a fresh air ride in the park… and Wheel-It to the cafe for an alfresco coffee.

How can I balance without handle bars?

Because of gyro-stabilising technology, Wheel-It battery powered electric unicycles are surprisingly easy to use. Even older members of our Wheel-It team were proficient in less than 30 minutes.

How does it work?

The Wheel-It is battery powered. The maximum speed of the Wheel-It is 16 km per hour. The Wheel-It WILL NOT speed up unless you tilt your body forward. If you are not balancing properly, or the battery is running low your Wheel-It will warn you with a small shaking sensation accompanied by a flashing battery light.

Going around corners is simply another practice of slightly tilting your body. Wheel-It helps you maintain control and senses your body movements to make adjustments.

Using a Wheel-It is fun, practical, and it will turn heads everywhere you go:


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